iNetwork Test

Type: Utility

Cost: $0.99

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

Review: I was using the web based app since the first day I got my iPod Touch.  It did a great job at telling me my connection speed so obviously this was one of the apps I was most looking foward to getting when the app store arrived.  To start, the support for this app is ridiculous.  I occasionally email the developers with feature suggestions and then they pop-up in the next version as well as getting an email response in as little as an hour.  Now here are the details of the app.  Basically you have three screens: the acual test screen, the past results screen and the setting screen.  On the test screen all you do is click a button and it will test your connection speed in kbps.  You then have the option to save your results along with your location (so you can check where you get the fastest speed).  If you have an account with iNetwork Test, you can also send your results to their website where they post all the speed averages and will put your location and speed on a map.  Finally the settings screen is where you input your account details.  It’s a pretty basic app which is more helpful than 90% of the apps on the app store especially if you are experiencing slower speeds than you should using 3G and you want proof.  There is also another test called SpeedTest on the app store that is free but does not have anywhere near the function of this app.


Verdict: I very, very highly suggest you buy this app.  This is one of my favorite apps (it’s on my first screen) and can help you test the speeds you are getting over WiFi, Edge and 3G and will help you tell where it is best to do the bulk of your surfing.

Link: iNetwork Test

Thanks to evryone for coming to this website!  Especially everyone from macrumours, modmyifone and punkdisasters.  1200 views in 2 days.


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