Type: Utility

Cost: Free

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10

Review: This is another one of those apps that I use at least 4-5 times a day.  I downloaded this application on the first day the app store was released and it hasn’t failed me yet.  For this app to work you need to have a NewsGator account (free and easy to setup).  From there you add your RSS feeds that you would like to watch.  After this you can edit the settings of your account for which feeds you want to show on your iPod Touch/iPhone.  Whenever you read a feed or mark it as read, the changes are made on all your versions of the app (desktop app, online app and iPod Touch/iPhone app).  You have an extra option in the settings menu of your iPod Touch/iPhone to make the number of unread stories badge appear/dissapear too.  When you are reading a paticular story there is an option to either email it and add it to clippings (a special folder which can be used for either favorites or I use it for keeping track of the stories I need to read on my computer due to length or video that isnt supported).  On top of that you can also click the title of the story you are reading and it will open in a built in browser so you don’t need to quit out of the application and go to Safari (even though there is an option for that too).  As well once feeds are downloaded, they can all be read offline (without pictures) which is a real bonus.


Verdict: I haven’t tried any other RSS reader but why should I when this app is everything you possibly could ever want.  Download it now.

Link: NetNewsWire


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