Type: Music

Cost: Free

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

Review: For this app to have any use, you need to have a Last.FM account and preferably have also installed the desktop app and used it to track your music listening history for a while (or you can sync your iPod with the website).  Last.Fm is basically a music scrobbling service which watches what type of music you listen to and can play back custom radio stations based on this information.  In the iPod Touch/iPhone version of the app you have a couple options of what you want to do.  You can either Start a new station by typing in a band name or tag, play the My Library station which plays music you normally listen to, Neighbour Radio which plays what it wants to based on your music history and finally Recommended Radio which plays it recommendations of songs/bands you might like based on your music history.  From the opening screen you can also view stations your have recently listened to, the charts screen which allows you to view your Top Artists, Top Albums, Top Tracks and Recently Played, your upcoming events you will be attending (set via the website), and Friends your might have added.  Once you actually start playing a station a music screen will come up (second screenshot) and give you helpful options such as selecting the bands bio and similar artists, as well as events which the band will be playing at.  Under the more menu you can also find the band’s top listeners and tags.  Only major disadvantage of this app is that it can’t be used in the background to listen to your radio (thanks to Apple).


Verdict: This app is great for those who already have a Last.FM account and have already built up a history of the music they listen to, but for others who don’t already meet the criteria it will take a while to setup and get working to it’s full potential.  Try it out if you have some free time or already have an account.

Link: Last.FM


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