Type: Utility

Cost: $1.99

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

Review: Here’s another school related app in honor of the end of the first school week.  This is a graphing calculator with great options.  Inputting your equations is easy and simple.  You are allowed to have six equations on the graph at a time with a different color for each.  You can easily find intersection points and axis intercepts with special buttons.  When you graph an equation, you are able to tap and hold your finger then drag to come up with single points.  On the options menu you can adjust your window (easier to just pinch and stretch on graphing screen) as well as reset your view.  You are also able to turn your labels on and off and select the sampling quality.  There is also an extensive help screen which will get you using this app’s many functions quickly.  As an extra bonus you can use this app in landscape mode.  In terms of other competitors on the app store, there is an app called Touchplot ($4.99) which was a massive waste for me.  You cannot graph more than one function at a time and you can’t use brackets.  On top of that Touchplot’s interface was hard to use.


Verdict: I highly suggest picking up this app if you are in any math class at the moment.  It is 1/50 the cost of even the cheapest graphing calculator and who wants to go on their computer if they need to graph something?  Stay away from the competitor’s Touchplot app because from experience it has minimal function.

Link: Grafunc

I Am Running Out Of Good Apps To Review So If You Have Any Ideas Please Email Me At:


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One Response to “Grafunc”

  1. Pierre-Henri Jondot Says:


    As the developer of touchplot, I need to adress some remarks there.

    First of all, of course you can plot more than one graph at one time. You can define three functions (f,g,h) and plot them together, as well as plotting the f derivative if you wish.

    Then, ON THE SAME GRAPH, you can draw first terms of an iterative sequence u(n+1)=f(u(n)), one differential equation solution with or without a vector field, contourplots, solution of inequation…

    TouchPlot is obviously more complete than grafunc and for that reason demands probably more time to master all of its features (maybe you don’t need all of them right now, but you might need them later on), and you have every right not to like the polish notation used to enter a formula and to prefer grafunc if you wish for that reason.

    I am pretty sure though someone who has the need for touchplot features and who takes the trouble to learn using touchplot by doing the tutorials won’t regret it and at one time won’t look back.

    Again, a subjective comment is appropriate, but don’t propagate lies about touchplot. You might have bought it and tried it, but you shouldn’t tell you speak from experience when obviously you don’t have much regarding the use of touchplot.

    Renouncing using touchplot after a few minutes because at first it looked to you complicated and unnatural is sad. Things don’t come easily in mathematics, and they demand some obstination.

    If you have issues with touchplot and want to give it a second try, don’t hesitate to tell me about the difficulties you encounter. I am always willing to provide some support.

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