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September 3, 2008

Type: Health

Cost: $0.99

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10

Review: We all have those nights where we just lie there and can’t seem to get to sleep even though we are really tired and all we want to do is sleep.  This app might just be able to combat that problem.  I downloaded this app two days ago and have tested it twice and it really does work because I fell asleep within 20 minutes of using it.  The basics of this app are that there is a timer (I set it for 30 minutes) and an impressive list (50) of sounds.  You select how long you want to play a sound for and what sound to play.  From there you can put your iPhone/iPod Touch to sleep to save battery.  Once the timer ends the sound will fade out and the app will automatically close to save battery.  Hopefully by this time you are sleeping like a little baby.  So far I have tested the Beach sound effect and Rain (seems to be a favorite of the commenters).  I played both sounds through a pair of speakers from the dollar store and each time I fell asleep before the timer reached zero.  Even if you don’t fall asleep within the timer, the app will relax you so that it is easy to sleep.  You have a choice of sounds from many different categories such as Nature (beach, rain), Life (shower, airplane cabin),  Noise (alien, computer), Insturments (bassline, organ), and Sounds (meditation, voices).  For the iPod touch users there is a really helpful volume slider which helps you choose the perfect volume to fall asleep too (lower is better).  There is also another app which is exaclty the same on the app store called ambiance but I decided to buy this one due to comments from other users.


Verdict: It really works, so if you have trouble getting to sleep, this app will help you.  Even if your skeptical I suggest you download it.  The only downside is the 172 MB size of the app.

Link: aSleep