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Glacon Lite

September 27, 2008

Type: Game

Cost: Free

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

Review: This game is very ADDICTING.  The point of the game is to destroy all the enemy planets.  You start the game with one planet with 100 people on it.  Automatically your planet will reproduce(the bigger the physical planet the faster it  reproduces).  In order to win your going to need to spread your people to other planets so that you can reproduce faster.  You can also attack the other team’s planets to make their population go down or if you send a big enough army you can take over their planet.  There is a number in the bottom right corner of the screen and that allows you to choose how many people are going to be sent from your planet to the enemies.  You have to make sure you keep a good defense on your planets though or else the other team will take them over.  In this version of the game there are 10 difficulties.  On the settings screen you can adjust the sound and on the help screen they do a very good job of explaining the rules and the point of the game.


Verdict: This game is very addicting.  I played for 30 minutes thinking it was only 5 minutes.  If you enjoy this game a lot, there is a paid version ($4.99) that has more features.  If you don’t download this your missing out.

Link: Glacon Lite