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September 14, 2008

Type: Game

Cost: Free

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

Review: This game is just like PapiJump and PapiRiver.  It provides you with a good way to kill time and have fun while doing it.  In this Papi game you have to navigate Papi, who is perched on the top of a pole, to catch the falling hamburgers and avoid the falling spike balls.  You lose the game whenever you get hit with 4 spike balls or Papi falls down.  This game seems pretty basic but the way you move Papi makes it unique.  You slide your finger on the tan part of the screen and it moves Papi.  Think of it as if Papi is balancing on the stick and you need to keep him balanced.  If you want him to move fast you can let him fall to one side and then swipe across the screen fast so that he becomes balanced again.  The settings screen has the normal Papi option of turning up the sound.  You can also submit your highscore after you play a game, just like all the other Papi games.


Verdict: If you enjoy the other Papi games, you probably already have this downloaded, but if not pick it up.  It is a little more challenging than the other games which makes it more fun.

Link: PapiPole